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Detailed introduction of each layer of packaging in the biosafety transport box

2021-12-28 15:22:54

 The first layer of the biosafety transport box: used to accommodate microbial strains; it should be waterproof and leak-proof, and there should be enough water-absorbing materials on the outside to facilitate rapid digestion and absorption in the event of a leakage safety accident. 



The second layer of 95KPA storage tank: it should be firm, waterproof and leak-proof, and it is used to maintain the safety layer. The utensils of this layer are sealed utensils made of polyester materials to avoid changes due to vibration, temperature, ambient humidity and working pressure during transportation. lead to leakage. According to the strict tightness test, it can bear the internal working pressure of 95kPa in the temperature range of -40℃ to +55℃ without water leakage.

The main requirements for this layer of packaging use the GB/T15170 specification. This layer can hold multiple layers of utensils with microbial strains, and there should be sufficient absorbent material between the two. This raw material can be selected from chemical fiber fillers, cotton wool, toilet paper or commercial absorbent bags. .

The third layer of outer packaging box: used for maintenance packaging. The outer packaging box can be a cardboard box, a wooden box packaging, a firm plastic box, etc., and should have identification and description of the transporter, receiver and microbial strains. According to the type of bacteria (virus) and necessity, in order to reduce the temperature in the package, place ice cubes or wet ice in the middle of the second and third layers.

Hongai Weiye Biotechnology (Xuzhou) Co., Ltd. is in accordance with the "Regulations on the Transportation of Highly Pathogenic Pathogenic Microorganisms (Virus) Species or Samples that Can Infect Humans", "Regulations on the Biosafety Management of Pathogenic Microbial Laboratories" and ADR6.2 Biological Hazards Standardized R&D, production and manufacturing, in line with UN2814, UN2900, UN3373 transportation regulations, can be used for the transportation of entry-exit visa inspection, quarantine and disease control centers and hospital outpatient UN2814, UN3373, and UN2900 biological samples. 

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