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The quality of the medical refrigerator is determined according to the price

2021-12-24 11:30:26

When customers buy medical refrigerators, they usually find that the price difference is very large. The price of some one-door medical refrigerators is far from the price of double-door medical refrigerators. The factors that differentiate so much are varied. Let's talk about how some medical refrigerators are sold.

Medical refrigerators must comply with the new GSP certification standard, which not only regulates temperature, but also regulates ambient humidity. Therefore, medicine light-blocking cabinets that meet GSP standards are much stricter than general display freezers, and general freezers undoubtedly cannot meet GSP certification requirements. 



If you come across a very cost-effective medical refrigerator, it is likely to be an ordinary refrigerator that cannot meet the requirements of GSP certification. This type of refrigerator has a greater safety hazard for the daily storage of medicines, because many medicines are stored under strict conditions. The application of such general medical refrigerators is undoubtedly not easy to be certified according to the new GSP standard, which is a great avoidance of responsibility for patients.

When customers purchase medical refrigerators, they must purchase from reliable refrigeration equipment manufacturers, and ensure that the medical refrigerators meet the new GSP certification standards for smooth application.

The above is the quality of the medical refrigerator brought by Xiaobian, which is determined according to the price. If you are also interested in other content, you can also consult Xiaobian, and Xiaobian will continue to update it for you. 

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