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Product structure and scope of application of biosafety transport boxes

2021-12-30 10:34:04

  The biosafety transport box meets the requirements of "three defenses" and "two resistances", namely waterproof, anti-damage, anti-leakage, heat-resistant, high-pressure resistance; can bear the internal working pressure of 95kPa in the temperature range of -40℃ to +55℃ And there is no leakage regulation; it complies with the actual packaging regulations of the General Administration of Civil Aviation and its World Health Organization regarding the transportation of infectious ingredients. Complying with the transportation regulations of UN2814, UN2900 and UN3373, Hongai Weiye Biotechnology Co., Ltd. emphasizes that it can be used for inspection and quarantine of various entry-exit visas, and the transportation of biological samples of UN2814, UN3373 and UN2900 categories in disease control centers and hospital outpatient clinics. 



1. Product structure

1. Outer packing box - yellow corrugated box packing

The outer carton is made of kraft leather carton, which can be used continuously.

2. Auxiliary utensils - plastic insulation box

The outer packaging of the plastic insulation box is printed with a "biological harm" warning sign, and the shell is sealed and waterproof. It can be sterilized by various methods such as high temperature, ultraviolet light and active oxygen, which is convenient for repeated use.

3. Main vessel - 2 sponge IVF fixing brackets + 2 biological safety tanks

The buffer sponge gasket has the functions of heat insulation and buffering; the biosafety tank has the functions of waterproof and airtightness. Each biosafety transport box is equipped with two 95KPa sample transport tanks, and each test sample transport tank is equipped with one 19-hole Sponge test-tube baby fixing bracket; absorbent sponge, shock-absorbing rubber pad, etc. provide a deeper level of safety protection for the transportation of biological samples. The sponge gasket equipped in the biosafety transport box has the function of buffering the anti-vibration level, and at the same time has excellent adhesion work ability. Once there is leakage, all samples can be completely digested and absorbed.

Second, the application field

The samples of UN2814, UN3373 and UN2900 are transported by road.

Third, the standard equipment

13L PP injection molding polyurethane material PU polyurethane foam insulation box, 1 sponge fixed buffer control module, 2 sets of 95 kPa biosafety storage tanks (each storage tank is equipped with a 19-hole sponge test tube Sponge test tube rack), 1 UN logo, 1 upward logo, 1 each of UN2814 and UN3373, 1 risk warning label, 2 transport sheets, 1 shoulder strap, a set of cold storage ice box, 1 combination padlock , 1 test report, 1 user manual.

Fourth, the corresponding experiments

1. Drop test

The damage level of utensils is 5, and the damage level of components is 3;

2. Stress test

80g object 10cm impact, no damage to the inner surface;

3. Penetration experiment

The relative height is 1m, and the detection meets the standard;

4. Sealing properties

95kPa storage tank, can bear the internal working pressure of 95kPa at 30℃ for 30min without water leakage;

Five, packaging characteristics

The overall packaging is firm, detailed, tight and leak-proof, the surface is cleaned, and no hazardous and risky ingredients are adhered, which is in line with the "three defenses and two resistances" regulations;

6. Compliance with regulations

It is developed and manufactured in accordance with the "Regulations on the Transportation of Highly Pathogenic Pathogenic Microorganisms (Virus) Species or Samples that Can Infect Humans", "Regulations on the Biosafety Management of Pathogenic Microorganism Laboratories" and ADR6.2 Biological Injury Specifications, in line with UN2814 and UN2900 , UN3373 transportation regulations, can be used for the transportation of UN2814, UN3373 and UN2900 biological samples in various entry-exit visa inspection, quarantine and disease control centers and hospital outpatient clinics. 

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