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Introduction to the standard configuration of the biosafety transport box

2021-12-24 09:25:24

What are the standard configurations of biosafety transport boxes? Today, I will introduce it to you.

Box material and settings

Manufactured in accordance with ADR6.2 biological injury standard, it is a special vessel that complies with PI650 and PI620 standards. It meets the transportation requirements of UN2814, UN2900 and UN3373.

Outer box: polypropylene (PP), which is produced and processed by excellent injection molding

Middle roof insulation: high-density thermal insulation material polyurethane foam molding, light weight, good thermal insulation, thickness ≧ 50㎜

Inner box: polypropylene (PP), produced and processed by excellent injection molding 


Handle: ABS engineering plastic, with humanized design gel pad

The connection between the box and the cover is made of high-quality hinges, which are rust-proof and durable.

The box is embedded with a thermometer, and the temperature sensor is embedded in it to complete real-time temperature detection.

There is a password padlock, technical professional security, anti-leakage

There is a special label for re-inspection on the front face, technical professional standards

Standard equipment:

Plastic outer box: 1 set, 1 external rechargeable battery compartment temperature display instrument, 8 refrigerated ice boxes, 1 password padlock, 3 sets of 95 kPa test sample transport tanks, 3 annular suction pads, sponge 3 test-tube baby fixing brackets, 2 UN2814 labels, 2 UN3373 labels, 2 biohazard labels, 2 upward labels, 4 shipping slips, a special label for the front and face re-inspection of the box, and a test report , a certificate of conformity


①Inspection authority: The China Packaging Research and Testing Center will produce an authoritative overall inspection report, which conforms to the IATA hazardous chemicals transport specification Model 60, and the second layer assists in packaging the test product cans with the same manufacturer's authoritative independence for 30 minutes -40℃- 55℃ sealing test report, and the test basis is brand new: IATA Dangerous Goods Specification Model 61, ICAODoc*284AN/905 2019-2020 Edition.

②The design plan is scientific and reasonable, which is beneficial to the safety, rapid and efficient transportation of biological samples to various disease control centers and testing laboratories. 

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