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Do you know how to choose a biosafety transfer box?

2021-12-24 09:13:26

Unlike the foam incubator used for food delivery applications, the application environment of the biosafety transfer box is different, and the requirements for it are also more stringent. The fundamental reason is that the biosafety problem is becoming more and more serious nowadays. If there is a problem in the whole process of randomness, the resulting reaction will be even bad, and even affect the safety and health of people's lives. After mastering this, you can see: How to realize the selection of biosafety transfer boxes?

1 First is security 



There are two levels of safety to consider. One is the actual effect of thermal insulation. Biological products can only ensure vitality at a certain ultra-low temperature, and degraded equipment will lose efficacy. At the same time, if the temperature changes too much, it will not be effective. Yes, if it is not possible to ensure that the temperature in the box is kept at a low level and the uniform movement will not change during the whole process of transportation, then such a biosafety transfer box is not up to standard, and the second is whether the box is firm. , In the process of transportation, various extreme conditions may occur, and many impacts are unavoidable. The transport box with good compressive strength can prevent damage to the goods in the box.

2. Secondly, beauty is also very worth considering

After taking care of the applicability of the product's use effect, it is also possible to meet the needs of aesthetics. After all, people's pursuit of perfection for traditional virtues is a dream that comes into reality. If the biosafety transfer box is a black box, It is also difficult to be accepted by most people. On the contrary, it enhances the sense of freshness. After the appearance requirements meet the testing standards of authoritative departments, certain design schemes can be carried out. Complete the last kilometer of the delivery of biological products such as vaccines. 

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