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Sample biosafety shipping box that guarantees its quality

2021-12-24 08:59:34

The sample transportation management method is very strict. Generally, the samples that must be transported in the biological sample transportation box include blood samples, virus infection, and bacteria samples. Therefore, the processing technology and quality standards of the biological sample transport box are particularly strict. Only biological sample transport boxes with a high safety factor can undertake the daily task of sample transportation and ensure the quality of samples.

Sample Biosafety Shipping Box 



Organism sample transport boxes belong to the category of chemical instruments, which are produced and processed by professional companies. Chemical instruments are also divided into brands. The quality of the biological sample transport boxes produced by some large enterprises is guaranteed, and the application is more and more convenient and fast. And after-sales service is also particularly safe. Therefore, in the purchase of the biological sample transport box, it is also necessary to select the brand of the biological sample transport box.

Classification of sample biosafety shipping boxes

There is not only one type of biological sample transport box, but also different specifications and models according to the classification of the loaded samples. Some biological sample transport boxes are used for professional storage of virus-infected microbial strains, while others are used for storage and transportation of professional drugs and vaccines. The management method for the biological sample transport box is very strict and very practical. Usually, on the top of each biological sample transport box, the application scope of this type of biological drug transport box and other transportation methods, such as road transportation and railway line transportation, are clearly stipulated. The sale of a biological sample transport box must pass a variety of tests, such as whether it can indicate the temperature, impact resistance, stress test, drop test, etc. Only the biological sample transport box that meets the actual national standards can be used. into the market. 


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