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60L refrigerator glass door

60L refrigerator glass door

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Refrigerator: used to store medicines, reagents, blood, biological products and vaccines in cold storage.

It is suitable for hospitals, pharmacies, blood stations, pharmaceutical factories, disease prevention and control and other industries.

Medical refrigerators are widely used at the medical level, and are professionally used to store major medical supplies such as medicines, vaccines, and blood. Manufacturing and processing technology, excellent machinery and equipment, and at the same time, there must be responsible manufacturing staff to manufacture medical refrigerators through rigorous manufacturing. 



1. The use of automatic technology cream for medical refrigerators can make the medical refrigerators integrate into the high temperature, humid and cold natural environment.

2. The medical refrigerator has the function of monitoring the temperature. You can use the USB to guide the temperature into the matching computer to ensure the normal application of the temperature.

3. The medical refrigerator has a strong safety factor, and the high and low temperature test alarm is selected. If an abnormal situation occurs, it will make a sound, even if it is notified. The medical refrigerator is also equipped with safety buckles, which can avoid unique accidents.

Fourth, medical refrigerators have different excellent and strict manufacturing methods. They provide a storage environment for high-quality medical supplies for the diagnosis and treatment level, and can have good results in the development of diagnosis and treatment. 


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