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How to use the biosafety transfer box

2021-12-24 09:08:07

Biosafety transfer box refers to a kind of air pressure safety weapon and equipment that can avoid the atmospheric aerosol scattered by a large number of particles with some dangerous factors or unknown in the experimental process. Commonly used in scientific research, classroom teaching and manufacturing in molecular biology, biomedical engineering, etc., it is a kind of machine equipment at the safety protection level.

The key principle of the biosafety transfer box is that after filtering the external waste gas through a high-efficiency filter device, it enters the safety transfer box, so as to prevent the contents from being damaged by the environment during the transportation process. Pollution also maintains the safety of the things in the transfer box, so do we know how to use it? The following is a detailed introduction for you. 


How to operate the biosafety transfer box:

The first is to put the sample into the container mouth, be sure to seal the mouth, pay attention to the samples inside also need to be preserved. Then, put the sealed sample into the container of the second layer, and fill the container in the middle of the double layer with hygroscopic raw materials, and then put the above double layer into the outer packaging box. The detailed information sheet inside must also be placed on the second layer and the outer packaging box, and then finally the packaged container is fixed with various filling materials, so as to avoid leakage, and the outer cover can be completely fixed. It must also be covered tightly.

Frequently asked questions about biosafety transfer boxes:

Also pay attention to write the recipient's name, detailed address and the sender's name and detailed address on the label of the outer box. The temperature stored in it should also be paid attention to. The samples inside should be kept at a suitable temperature during transportation. The way to maintain the temperature is to have cold storage materials of 2-8 degrees, and put such cold storage materials on the second layer and the first layer. In the middle of the third floor. 

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