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What is the price of a biosafety transfer box?

2021-12-24 09:10:27

The reference factor of whether the biosafety transfer box is important or not is the safety factor, and the subsequent reference factor is the price. The safety factor ensures the actual effect of the use of the product, and the price is the standard adopted. It should be applied at a suitable price Products are the pursuit of perfection by most people, and the price of objects such as biological transfer boxes is not as high as possible. Therefore, for those who are more sensitive to prices, there is no doubt that they want to know the prices of such products. Therefore, biological How much does a safety transfer box cost?

1. According to different specifications 



The specifications mentioned here refer to the size of the product. Just like buying a house, the price of a house with different total area is different, and the same is true for the transfer box. As far as 10L specifications are widely sold on the market, generally The price of the product varies from several hundred to several thousand yuan. The higher specification products require a lot of money, but in the process of selecting the specification, the heavier the better, because the necessary products must be in accordance with the adopted standards. To be sure, if it is too large, although the actual effect is similar, it causes unnecessary consumption.

2. According to the actual effect of the application, the price is different

How important the product is or the actual effect of the application, the actual effect of the application is different, and the price is of course different. For the biosafety transfer box, its important function is to ensure the vitality of biopharmaceuticals. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to It is necessary to ensure a certain ultra-low temperature natural environment inside the shell. At this time, the maintenance time of ultra-low temperature conditions and the reliability of the shell are the main factors to consider the quality of the product. The price of the product will not be high for no reason. Generally speaking, it is only a few thousand yuan for a good product. 

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