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Introduction to the contents of the biosafety transfer box

2021-12-24 08:56:26

When it comes to the meaning of the name of the biosafety transfer box, we all know that this box is mainly used to transport biological samples. Some particularly infectious samples must be transported in specialized biosafety transfer boxes. The purpose of applying this box is mainly to ensure the safety factor. Many units require the use of biosafety transfer boxes, such as disease centers, hospital outpatient clinics, and blood banks.

Transshipment risk samples 



Some viral infections that are fatal to the body can be transported using biosafety transfer boxes. The application of biosafety transfer box is more portable and safer. However, when choosing a biosafety transfer box, you must pay attention to it, and you must choose a transfer box produced by a professional manufacturer. It must be a transfer box manufactured by a company with complete qualification certificates before it can be used to store and transport samples. Generally, samples that must be used in biosafety transfer boxes are more or less harmful to health. Only by ensuring that the biosafety transfer box meets the standards, the sample can be transferred more reliably.

Price of Biosafety Transit Box

Under normal circumstances, the price of biosafety transfer boxes usually varies from a few hundred yuan to several thousand yuan. Due to the different materials and functions of different biosafety transfer boxes, the price will be different for different manufacturers. And the samples used for storage are different, and the price of the box is also different. Some biosafety transfer boxes that store high-risk virus infections have very strict regulations on boxes and must have a variety of functions. Therefore, the raw materials used are good, and the technology is also modern. Of course, there will be a certain price in this aspect. reflection. In the case of selecting a biosafety transfer box, the key is to select the biosafety transfer box by looking at the sample of the organism you are shipping. 


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