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Description of product features of biosafety transport box volume_up content_copy share

2021-12-24 11:50:07

What are the characteristics of the biosafety transport box product? Don't worry, below, the editor has compiled the relevant information for you, I hope it can help you.

1. Precise cooling temperature control to ensure the consistency of the samples: The low-temperature sampling box products use our company's unique dry ice-type ice pack as a cold source, which can accurately control the cooling temperature and maintain the insulation box in a certain temperature range (2-8 ℃, -2~-10℃,-12~-18℃,-15~-22℃,-30~-55℃) for 8~120 hours (optional one or more), prevent Dry ice and liquid nitrogen below 0 degrees are all ultra-low temperature changes to the characteristics of the sample plate to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the sample;

2. The actual operation is convenient and the application can be repeated: the special dry ice type low-temperature ice pack of the low-temperature sampling box can be stored and applied like a common general ice pack. At the same time, remove the object and put it into the incubator and seal the opening of the box. The dry ice type ice pack can keep the sample box at a low temperature for 8 to 120 hours. No electricity is required, and it is very convenient and reliable whether it is sampled in the field, or brought by a courier company or by myself.

Biosafety Shipping Box

3. It will not be restricted by the airline, and can be air cargo: different from dry ice and liquid nitrogen refrigeration, the special dry ice type low-temperature ice bag of the excellent cold low-temperature sampling box is not easy to cause vapor in the whole process of refrigeration, so it is not restricted by the airline. more secure and convenient;

4. Fully enclosed packaging form: fully enclosed packaging, triple sealing technology, suitable for highly pathogenic microorganisms or chemical plant food samples for safe driving and storage;

5. The technical development temperature of the new technology fading ice box shows: the machine can be equipped with a liquid crystal display temperature display, even if the natural environment temperature is 43 ℃, it can maintain 2 ~ 8 ℃, -12 ~ -18 ℃, -20 ℃ The following, -40℃ and other necessary temperature ranges for 1~5 days can avoid the lack of charm of vaccines and its unique samples, so that you can use them more at ease. At the same time, the refrigeration control module uses the unique color fading The ice box is technical, the color of the ice box is automatically displayed as dark blue when it is less than 8 °C, and it is automatically displayed as milky white when it is higher than 8 °C. In this way, you can see the safety of your own sample at a glance;

6. Comply with the basic regulations for refrigerated transportation and storage of vaccines: in line with ADRClass6.1 Class II, III hazardous objects and ADRClass6.2 high pathogenic bacteria driving safety packaging manufacturing specifications;

7. Meet the unique transportation requirements: and according to various actual operation tests of WHO (including drop experiments, collision detection, etc.) agent r32 polyurethane) as the insulating layer material. 




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