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The role of medicine refrigerators in the laboratory

2021-12-24 09:32:40

The medicine refrigerator is one of the most important machinery and equipment in the laboratory equipment, and it is mainly used to store medicines. Commonly used in test industries such as biotechnology, food testing, physics, environmental ecological engineering, and of course chemical composition analysis of power and energy. What is the role of the medicine refrigerator in the laboratory?

The role of medicine refrigerators in the laboratory 


1. Good thermal insulation: The medicine refrigerator uses professional composite materials as thermal insulation materials to make composite panel walls, which are light in weight, high in compressive strength, good in fire resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, insect-proof, and free from insects. Poisonous and mildew-free, and its advantages can be better demonstrated at extremely low temperatures.

2. In line with my country's health management system: the inside and outside of the medicine refrigerator adopts a straight hair splint-type storage board composed of color steel tiles, stainless steel plates and aluminum alloy plates, which is non-toxic, odorless, non-rusting, and can reduce the temperature difference between inside and outside. The heat conduction occurs to achieve the greater and high efficiency of refrigeration and refrigeration system software.

Generally speaking, refrigeration is the medicine that will have this type of requirements, in order to better ensure the quality guarantee storage of the temperature it stipulates. Because the temperature drops below -15°C, the storage rate of medicines is high, and the microbial strains and antioxidants usually stop the theme activities, growth and development, and the chemical action is also very slow. Therefore, medicines can be stored for a long time and have good refrigeration quality. In addition, refrigerated medicines also stipulate that the temperature of the storage location should be relatively stable. Excessive fluctuations in temperature may cause spoilage and mildew of the medicines.

The above is the content that Xiaobian brings to you about the role of drug refrigerators in the laboratory. If you are still interested in other content, you can also consult Xiaobian, and Xiaobian will continue to update it for you. 

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