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What is a medicine refrigerator?

2021-12-24 11:23:05

With the rapid development of the medical industry, more and more drugs must be stored in the conditions of constant temperature and humidity equipment, otherwise the potency of the drugs will be reduced or deteriorated. If the patient accidentally swallows the moldy medicine, the condition is likely to become malignant. The State Food and Drug Administration also attaches great importance to this matter. In 2014, it announced the new pharmacy GSP certification, strictly managing the natural environment for drug storage to be frozen at 2-8°C and refrigerated at 8-20°C. With the implementation of the new basic national conditions, pharmacies and hospitals are gradually marketing and promoting the use of cool cabinets or freezers for medicines.

1. Temperature and ambient humidity regulations

The temperature of the medicine refrigerator is 8-18°C, the temperature range of the medicine cooler is 2-8°C, and the ambient humidity of the two is 35-75%. According to the unique storage standards of medicines, medicines stored in different temperature ranges are different. Once it is not stored in accordance with the regulations, the composition of the drug will be reduced, and of course the efficacy will be compromised. 


2. Scope of application

The medicine freezer is suitable for storing medicines, enzymes, growth hormone, stem cell beauty, blood cells, transplanted skin and animal tissue samples, obtained RNA, gene library and some major biological and chemical medicines; medicine coolers are suitable for general pharmacies and Hospitals store medicines.

3. Nursing knowledge

Whether it is a medicine freezer or a medicine cool cabinet, long-term operation will cause certain damage. Therefore, it must be maintained and maintained immediately. When cleaning the medicine cabinet, it is not necessary to use acid-alkaline or alkaline cleaners to prevent them from corroding and damaging the medicine rack; clean the objects in the medicine cabinet before melting the ice. Do not scrub the medicine cabinet with sharp, hard objects to prevent scratching the medicine cabinet. After thawing and defrosting, the medicine cooler must be wiped down.

Which specifications are suitable?

The medicine refrigerator is not a general refrigeration unit, but is used to store medical supplies. If it is very large, it will cause consumption, and if it is small, it is likely to be insufficient. Which specifications are suitable? Generally speaking, single-door medicine cool cabinets are suitable for general outpatient clinics, large and medium-sized pharmacies and some hospitals with small storage capacity of medicines; for large and medium-sized pharmacies or large and medium-sized hospitals, it is recommended to choose double-door or three-door medicines A cool cabinet to store large quantities of medicines.

What kind of medicine refrigerator is more energy-saving?

Because the medicine refrigerator must be used for a long time, the utility bill is not a small expense, and the electricity consumption is actually reflected in the cooling characteristics. The refrigeration unit of the medicine cooler is mainly composed of four basic components: a refrigeration compressor, a cooler, a throttle valve component and a condenser. Therefore, in order to better save resources, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the cooling system. 

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