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What medicines should be stored in the medicine medical freezer or refrigerator?

2021-12-24 10:45:01

During the diet and daily life, everyone will inevitably get sick, such as coughing and phlegm, and it is necessary to coexist with medicines. Some medicines can be placed at room temperature, but some medicines are required to be stored and should be kept refrigerated. For pharmacies or hospital outpatient clinics, professional medicine refrigerators are also required to store medicines.

Which medicines should be stored in the medicine freezer or refrigerator?

Which medicines should be kept refrigerated? Authoritative medical experts believe that all medicines that will deteriorate or deform at high temperature should be stored in a low-temperature geographical environment of 2 to 10 °C. In summer, when the room cannot meet the requirements, such medicines need to be placed in a medicine freezer or refrigerator. Freeze. In addition, unpacked and unpacked medicines are also recommended to be stored in a medicine freezer or refrigerator in order to prevent them from deteriorating. Some precious Chinese medicinal materials are easy to get worms after being humid in summer, so it is a good way to store them in the refrigerator. Scientific research has shown that for every 10°C increase in temperature, the chemical reaction rate of various raw materials in medicines will be relatively increased by 3 to 4 times, and strong light and high temperature can easily lead to the deterioration of medicines. 



Note: All medicines should be stored in accordance with the storage specifications indicated in the instructions for use. It should be noted that some medicines are particularly sensitive to heat, such as some stomach pain medicines: lactase, pepsin, and insulin for diabetics, etc., must be stored in the medicine freezer or refrigerator. For some bulk granules or capsules, if they are stored at room temperature, dark brown glass bottles must be used.

Which medicines should be kept refrigerated?

External medicines: eye drops, nasal drops, ear drops, lotions and mouthwashes and other external medicines, it is better to put them in the medicine freezer or freezer in summer to avoid deterioration.

Traditional Chinese medicine prescription: "Paste, Dan, Pill, Powder" are commonly used in pharmaceutical preparations. Among them, honey and old brown sugar are all widely used additives, which are very easy to deteriorate in high temperature and humidity. Some Chinese medicine pills are sealed with ash tree, and the pills may also crack under continuous high temperature, leading to deterioration, so they must be placed in the medicine freezer or refrigerator.

Tablets: Some tablets, puree, and oils with high sugar content absorb moisture from the vapors easily digested, or stick to a low-echo area, which is accompanied by deterioration. It is very easy for drugs that have been opened and used but not used up to cause such a situation. For example, berberine tablets dissolve and turn black; Xiaochaihu granules, etc. are prone to dampness and agglomeration.

Suppositories: Suppositories are not easy to use due to looseness when the average temperature is too high. In summer, it can be placed in a medicine freezer or refrigerator, or put into a medicine freezer or refrigerator before use, and take it out for use after it hardens. The suppository will gradually melt at the temperature of the human body. Of course, in the hot and hot environment, it will not only become softer and softer, but also easily cause deterioration, such as deterioration, fine particles become dry, water and water. The oil is extracted and even smells. In addition, the eye ointment also undergoes a similar deterioration characteristic of the suppository after being heated.

Injection: Many antibacterial injections are in dry powder form, and dry powder injections must be stored in harsh freeze-drying. High temperature will cause the drugs to deteriorate. Therefore, injections should be stored in a medicine refrigerator or refrigerator.

Liniment: Liniments generally contain solvents of volatile organic compounds, such as ethyl acetate, etc. Therefore, after use, the bottle caps should be tightened and placed in a medicine freezer or refrigerator for refrigeration to obtain a longer storage time.

Capsules or capsules: For example, vitamin E capsules, deep-sea fish oil, etc., will become loose, cracked, and leaked after being heated, and even a whole bottle of pills will stick together. Secondly, it will continue to deteriorate and produce odor at higher temperatures. Therefore, it also needs to be stored in the medicine freezer or refrigerator.

Medicines that are not afraid of heat

Liquid pharmaceutical preparations: loquat cough syrup, anti-swelling syrup for reducing fever and pain relief, or sugar syrup for cold and fever. Generally, such syrup preparations do not need to be put in the refrigerator, but can be stored at room temperature. Because most of the liquid pharmaceutical preparations will also reduce the solubility of the drug at too low temperature, such as sugar in the sugar syrup, it is easy to melt and crystallize, resulting in an unsatisfactory drug concentration value.

Cream plaster: Some external plaster often used for skin diseases, if the temperature during storage is too low, it may lead to the level of the flower matrix and damage the efficacy of the ointment, so it is not suitable to be stored in the refrigerator. 

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