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How to adjust the temperature of the medicine refrigerator?

2021-12-24 09:30:02

How to adjust the temperature of medicine refrigerators

Medical refrigerators are mainly used to store medicines and related substances.

The storage temperature of medicines is generally divided into cold storage, shade storage, and normal temperature storage.

1. The temperature of the cold storage is maintained at 2 to 10 °C.

2. The temperature of the shade library should not be higher than 20 ℃.

3. The temperature of the warehouse should be maintained at 0 ~ 30 ℃ under normal temperature.

4. The air humidity of each warehouse should be guaranteed to be between 45% and 75%. 


How to adjust the temperature of the medical refrigerator?

Generally speaking, a dedicated medical refrigerator can adjust the temperature better. If it is really uncertain, it will be suitable to adjust the temperature to a weaker gear.

The main uses of medical refrigerators:

It is used for freezing, storage and transportation of drugs, experimental reagents, vaccines, blood, etc.

Generally speaking, the temperature control panel of the medical refrigerator can be used to adjust the refrigeration temperature in the household refrigerator. Its structure is slightly different with the difference of the refrigerator, but the effect is the same.

The medical refrigerator product series is suitable for hospital outpatient clinics, health and epidemic prevention stations, blood banks, scientific research units, colleges and universities, biomedicine, genetic engineering technology, companies and other places that must be stored under temperature control.

And some medical refrigerators have an automatic alarm system, which will automatically alarm when the temperature in the box is not set in the alarm temperature range. When the temperature in the box reaches the set range, the alarm will automatically disappear.

Compared with general freezers and refrigerators, the relativity of medical refrigerators is more stringent, and the commodities must have very strong temperature control precision. Observe the temperature change in the body of the box anywhere

The function of this function is mainly to avoid accidents in the temperature of the medical refrigerator, resulting in accidents of medicines and related objects stored in the refrigerator in the hospital.

In general, medicine refrigerators have relatively strong advantages over ordinary refrigerators. Whether it is refrigeration or related aspects, they still have excellent effects, and their durability is higher. 

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