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Do you know the functional characteristics of the medicine refrigerator?

2021-12-24 11:20:45

The temperature measurement of the medicine refrigerator and the video voice temperature report power circuit are set in the human body of the refrigerator. Compared with the original technology, the practical ultra-low temperature refrigeration equipment with the function of video and voice temperature reporting has the advantages of effective design, simple structure, convenient production and processing, low interest in production and manufacturing loans, and convenient use. The structure of the refrigeration equipment is measured by temperature. And video voice temperature report power circuit and ultra-low temperature refrigeration equipment body composition. And it will not be harmed by natural light sources, which brings convenience to users. And the price of the drug freezer is also effective.

There is a refrigeration compressor maintenance casing on the top of the middle of the medicine refrigerating cabinet, and the refrigeration equipment includes the box of the refrigerating equipment. There are refrigeration compressors and capillaries in the shell, a cooler with heat removal on the surface of the box and a condenser with cooling in the inner cavity of the box. 


When the refrigerating equipment is used, cover the refrigerating equipment on the equipment to be stored, and completely touch the refrigerating equipment and the dining table to create a completely closed freezing indoor space, then plug in the switching power supply, the refrigeration compressor starts to work, and the refrigerant passes through the capillary. Blood vessels, refrigeration on the condenser, medical freezer, because the condenser is in the inner cavity of the box, that is, on the top of the food, it can quickly cool the space in the freezer, so that the refrigerant for the purpose of freezing can be discharged through the cooler on the surface of the box, and then returned to the refrigeration compression. machine, which achieves the freezing effect. Therefore, the price of refrigeration equipment for medical freezers is determined.

Medical freezers especially involve refrigeration equipment such as refrigerators, incubators, and freezers. The design of the utility model includes refrigerator refrigeration and refrigeration equipment, and the refrigeration equipment involves refrigeration technology. Depending on its characteristics, the medical freezer also includes equipment for atomization.

The beneficial practical effect of this product is that the dew point temperature of the liquid component is much higher than that of the vapor, and the atomized water is selected as the heat exchanger material, which improves the heat exchanger rate, that is, the cooling rate of the refrigeration equipment. The application field of refrigeration equipment has been expanded, so that it can meet the strict refrigeration regulations for unique objects such as medicines, improve the high efficiency of refrigeration, and at the same time achieve the actual effect of environmental protection and energy saving. At the same time, if the atomized water is used as the substance, the ambient humidity in the refrigerator can be improved. 

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