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Knowledge points of low temperature freezers for medicines

2021-12-24 11:13:11

Ultra-low temperature freezer for pharmaceuticals-experimental reagents and drugs The constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet can flexibly set the temperature and humidity in the cabinet according to the storage requirements of commodities. The ultra-low temperature freezing is below 10℃, and the temperature-controlled storage can be set to 10-40℃. The object also has regulations on the environmental humidity. A temperature control humidity control cabinet (constant temperature and humidity cabinet) can be used. The humidity control adopts a dual-system circulation system to reconstruct the dehumidification system, which is highly efficient and environmentally friendly.

The ultra-low temperature freezer for pharmaceuticals - the constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet for experimental reagents and drugs is a storage device independently developed by Huayu Modern Science and Technology that can automatically control the temperature and humidity inside the cabinet. It has the capacity of a storage cabinet, and four sets of working systems are embedded in the wooden cabinet, which are heating, cooling, humidification and dehumidification systems.

The intelligent system will cooperate with the operation of the module according to the main parameters of temperature and humidity inside the cabinet and the main parameters that have been set, and will change its working system according to the change of temperature and humidity inside the cabinet, and then quickly let the temperature inside the cabinet. The humidity is only within the scope of the main parameters that have been set. Simply put, it is an intelligent storage cabinet that can control the temperature and humidity in the box. 


1. Performance parameters:

1. The machine equipment consists of a cabinet, a temperature control system, a humidity control system, a gas circulation system and a control system;

2. The closed type of the box door adopts a closed sealing strip, which is resistant to aging and hardened;

3. The protection and heat insulation are made of polyurethane high-pressure polyurethane foam, which is filled and formed at one time, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, heat transfer, and flame retardancy;

4. The heating and cooling systems are separate to enhance the functions of heating and cooling;

5. Strong wind news push, the temperature in the storage area is evenly distributed;

6. Safety pad design, separate placement to avoid occupancy;

7. The appearance can be customized according to the performance parameters of the interior decoration style.

2. Performance parameters:

1. Product name: pharmaceutical ultra-low temperature freezer - laboratory reagent drug constant temperature and humidity storage cabinet

2. Product specification: HYXD-1000KWS

3. Appearance specifications: W1220×D760×H1950mm (L×D×H)

4. Reasonable size: W1120×D610×H1410mm (L×D×H)

5. Comprehensive humidity control: 30%-60%RH±5%

6. Comprehensive temperature control: 15℃-30℃±2℃

7. Humidification system: Ultrasonic humidifier

8. Dehumidification system: carbon molecular sieve dual-system circulation system to dehumidify

9. Refrigeration system: refrigeration compressor Freon: R134

10. Heating system: semiconductor material PTC

11. Control system: adopt all-intelligent intelligent system control technology system

12. Display mode: LCD temperature and humidity display, computer blue screen with white characters

13. Cabinet structure: metal material inside and outside, double doors can not windows, three layers of adjustable baffles, four sets of universal casters, with brake pedal 

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