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Introduction to the parameters of the medical refrigerator

2021-12-24 10:48:07

When the medical refrigerator is used, there will be a better temperature control system, and the processing technology of all the equipment is good. In general, the hospital outpatient clinic has a high degree of application, and some of the homes can also be used to refrigerate drugs, etc., according to actual conditions. Different application methods are subdivided into different types, such as drug refrigerators, vaccine refrigerators, etc., which belong to the category of medical equipment.

The drug refrigerator is suitable for refrigeration, storage and transportation of drugs, biological agents, vaccines, and blood.

The composition of the medical refrigerator:

The medical refrigerator is mainly composed of main box, refrigeration compressor, electric heater, condenser, cooler, capillaries and other parts when it is completed.

Before placing the object, set the temperature according to the operation panel. During the operation of the refrigeration unit, the gas circulation maintains the fluidity of the gas in the box. The temperature sensor checks the temperature in the box. When the set temperature is reached, the control system maintains the temperature in the box. 



In places where refrigeration regulations are becoming more and more stringent, medical refrigerators must use the necessary energy consumption of refrigeration compressors to achieve the purpose of refrigeration. According to different requirements, it is divided into high temperature refrigeration type, normal temperature refrigeration type and ultra-low temperature refrigeration type refrigerator.

The main parameters of the medical refrigerator

1. Cooling method: air cooling without frost.

2. Application switching power supply: 220V∽/50Hz.

3. Control system: all-intelligent dedicated control panel.

4. Temperature display: LCD display in Chinese and English.

5. Temperature uncertainty: ±1°C.

6. Alarm function: alarm when the temperature exceeds the limit, the door is not closed, and the power is turned off.

7. Alarm method: light control alarm.

At a certain level, the medical refrigerator mainly uses a fully intelligent temperature control panel. Digital technology shows that, at a certain level, it has the functions of ultra-low temperature alarm, temperature sensor common fault alarm and power-off alarm to avoid accidents. The accurate temperature-sensing camera can automatically indicate the internal temperature and environmental humidity of the casing, which is conducive to observing the temperature and humidity recording changes in the body of the box anytime, anywhere. 

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