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260L Refrigerator Foam Door

260L Refrigerator Foam Door

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  • Release time:2021-12-25 16:14:01
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Introduction of the future trend of 260L refrigerator foam door

Energy saving and environmental protection. The medicine refrigerator should adopt advanced small-scale industrial refrigeration and effective evaporator refrigeration system development to ensure the actual effect of refrigeration. In addition, in order to better respond to the country's call for green, environmental protection, energy saving, and environmental protection, pharmaceutical machine companies should complete new technical improvements, so that operators can achieve energy-saving and easy-to-use after setting the temperature of the pharmaceutical refrigerator. Manipulation, no noise, zero pollution destination. 


artificial intelligence. The wave of intelligence seems to be spreading all over the country. For medicine refrigerators, the trend of intelligent fashion must be in line with. Pharmaceutical machine companies should grasp the development trend and use artificial intelligence applications, such as remote control network video surveillance, fully intelligent sound and light alarms, etc., to conduct real-time query, export, storage, supervision and graph view of the main parameters of the operation of each link of the machine and equipment. Check and so on. In addition, pharmaceutical machine companies can also use digital touch buttons to display and manipulate temperature and its changes, records of the entire process, and then make adjustments.

New Materials. Some people in the field have indicated that more professional raw materials will be used in medicine refrigerators, such as refrigerant r32 thermal insulation materials with high environmental protection emerald green density, VIP vacuum pump thermal insulation materials, etc., to facilitate the preservation of medicines, blood products, and biological preparations. or thermal insulation effect. 

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