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110L Refrigerator Glass Door

110L Refrigerator Glass Door

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The medicine refrigerator is an institutional template for storing medicines, vaccines, enzymes, growth hormones, stem cell beauty, blood cells, semen, transplanted skin and small animals, obtained RNA and its gene library, and some major biological and chemical drugs, etc. The technical professional freezer for special medicines is equipped with a digital display temperature automatic control system, and the temperature adjustment range is generally 2~8℃. 


110 liters refrigerator glass door introduction There are many medicines that need to be frozen (2 ~ 8 ℃) in the medical refrigerator of the pharmacy, including: blood lipid-lowering long, medium, and antagonists of various insulin glargine; there are: intestinal adjustment Antibiotic quadruple streptococcus with dysbiosis; there are: mainly used to prevent bleeding disorders caused by hemophilia A and secondary coagulation factor Vlll deficiency, and surgical treatment of such patients; human coagulation Factor vlll; yes: urokinase mainly used for thrombolytic therapy of venous thrombosis: yes: tetanus antitoxin for prevention, diagnosis and treatment of tetanus injection: yes: freeze-dried human rabies vaccine to treat rabies virus; yes to treat anemia These are the recombinant human erythropoietin injections, which need to be especially explained to common problems when this drug is delivered to patients. 

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