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Why are biosafety transfer boxes important?

2021-12-24 09:16:33

From the future development of the epidemic, it is easy to find that in modern society, biosafety issues are the main issues that can directly affect people around the world. Among the many links in biosafety transportation, transshipment is particularly important, because it is very prone to risk leakage. In order to ensure that there are no problems in the whole process, for example, the application of biosafety transfer boxes is very critical, which is also a key maintenance setback to avoid large-scale health and safety certification. Therefore, why is it said that biosafety transfer boxes are abnormally critical?

1. Build medical security defense 


Medical safety is a key topic related to physical and mental health and safety. No problem can occur in any link. At this stage, biosafety has been included in the national defense security management system, which means that the biological safety precautions have been raised to an unprecedented relative height. In the process of transferring medical equipment such as vaccines, it will be applied to the special tool of biosafety transfer box. The application of a good tool can not only ensure the probability of medical malpractice disputes, but also have a comprehensive security defense setting. Lay the foundation.

2. What kind of biosafety transfer box is considered to meet the standard

For this special tool for transport, the important thing is the safety factor, and because this biological reagent needs to ensure a certain biological activity, the larger tempering of the transport box is the effect of thermal insulation. Generally speaking, transport The inside of the box must be kept at a constant temperature of 2-3°C for a period of time. The second is the inevitable stumbling and stumbling in the transfer process. In order to protect the internal biopharmaceuticals from being damaged, the transfer box also needs high compressive strength and extension. Good performance and impact resistance, under the condition that these preconditions are met, the design sense of perfect surface can also be pursued. Only after this situation can be comprehensively evaluated, the pros and cons of a transfer box can be evaluated. 

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