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DW-40L280--40℃ low temperature freezer

DW-40L280--40℃ low temperature freezer

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-40 degrees low temperature freezer safety operation rules

1. The operator should carefully read the equipment instruction manual and operate in strict accordance with the precautions for use.

2. Check whether the power supply meets the requirements of 220V+5%, plug in the power supply, and prepare to run;

3. Push the air switch of the power box after the box is turned on, and the machine is powered on, but the machine cannot be started at this time; 


4. Open the front panel on the right side of the refrigerator with the key, there is a lock power switch, find the key from the accessories, and turn on the power; (0 for vertical direction, 1 for horizontal direction); To prevent anyone from opening or stopping your device at will, Please remove the key and keep it safe. After the lock power switch is turned on, the PV value of the electronic thermostat starts to flash, the fan runs; the newspaper* (red) lights up, the buzzer sounds, press the newspaper to stop the buzzer. At this point, the newspaper* is still working, then press the newspaper* to restore the buzzer. When the actual temperature is within the range of ±10°C of the set temperature, the alarm is released, that is, the red light goes out and the buzzer stops; when the actual temperature exceeds ±10°C of the set temperature, the alarm starts. When the temperature is lower than -10℃, the PV value of the thermostat stops flashing. After the fan runs for 30~40 seconds, the first-stage compressor starts, the first-stage compressor starts for about 10 minutes, the second-stage compressor starts, and the refrigerator starts to cool. After reaching the set temperature, it enters the servo standby state.

5. Do not put a large amount (more than 10kg) of unfrozen items at one time, but put them into the refrigerator in batches, otherwise the long-term overload of the refrigerator will have an adverse effect on the compressor.

6. When taking items from the refrigerator, please wear antifreeze gloves to avoid frostbite;

7. It is strictly forbidden to place volatile, flammable, explosive and other dangerous items in the refrigerator;

8. Do not use glass (such as materials that are not resistant to low temperature) containers to store items that need to be frozen to prevent the containers from cracking;

9. Other parameters except the cooling temperature (which are locked under normal circumstances) shall not be modified without authorization to avoid system abnormality.

10. According to different working environments, the condenser fins and filters are generally cleaned every three months. If the environment is particularly harsh, it should be cleaned once a month. When cleaning, brush the fins up and down with a hard brush to remove large dirt in the gap, or blow off the dust with pressurized air (or nitrogen about 0.5MPa).

11. When the temperature is lower than the set value by 0.5°C, the machine will stop entering the heat preservation state. When the temperature is higher than the set value by 0.5°C, it will re-run, and the temperature will rise by 1~2°C during operation, under normal circumstances.

12. If the refrigerator cannot reach the set temperature for a long time, please contact the manufacturer in time, and do not find someone to repair it without authorization.

13. If the refrigerator is not used for a long time, turn off the power switch, unplug the power plug, and wipe the inner tank. 


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